Wednesday, August 26, 2015

If you don't like it, work for it!

Watching Extreme Weight Loss last night, it got me usual!

She struggled with eating through her emotions, which is something I can relate all too well...
Even during her "year of change", she would find herself faced with stress, emotional baggage and she IMMEDIATELY turned to food.  Just like ME. Some might say, there's no way that food can have that much power over someone? But it's the truth IF we allow it to be.
I hated my arms, back...heck, I wasn't thrilled with my body but instead of working for it, I used it as a setback and excuse, ate more and would dwell on things not being fair. Seems easier to blame someone or something for the way things are in our lives, doesn't it?  Truth is, many will see right through us and know that at the end of the day it's simply a bundle of excuses that have trapped and tied us down. 

It's not about fair or accepting the way things are.  If we don't like it, we need to work for it.  At the same time, we MUST learn to stop comparing ourselves to other women.  We can't compare apples or oranges because then again, we are set up to fail.  
But if our health is getting in the way of every day life, we are feeling drained and stressed- exercise and nutrition play a HUGE role in changing all of that.  With that change on the inside, you'll start to see the changes on the outside and while it may not look like the women around you or this picture-perfect woman you envision, it's a BETTER YOU and that should mean more anyway!

For years, I HATED my arms...would never expose them and would blame them on the way I was built.  Well, sadly that was an excuse...if I want to work for it, that can change! It may not be those perfect arms that I picture in my mind but it's MY BEST and that's finally good enough!

From the girl I used to be...

Being able to show my arms and then have a picture taken of my arms is HUGE!  An emotional step for me that's all part of m journey.  First I had to feel better, feel worthy of change and stop making excuses for the way things making things better through exercise and proper diet, the physical changes come daily and that feels good too.  The best part?  I don't know what to body is forever changing and while I'm getting older, I've had two children and I've lost over 100lbs, this is ME.  I have stretch marks, loose skin and imperfections galore but it's ME and I work hard to be the best ME that I can be...and that's good enough!  It may not be like the supermodel featured in the latest magazine but that girl can't take my hard work away, she can't take away the way I feel inside after meeting a huge goal I've set for myself or crossing a finish line!  That is MINE, forever!  

Take a step back and realize what YOU are capable of!
What can you change and make better?
Don't make superficial goals but rather set goals that will make YOU proud and make you feel good enough!  We are all good enough and all have the ability to change the way things are, most of the time, so why not fight for it and change it!  

Feeling our best isn't a gift, it's earned!

If we aren't living our best, that's OUR fault.  
Find what inspires you, what makes you feel good and keep it!  Let it push you beyond your wildest dreams!  I NEVER saw my life looking and feeling like it does now...ever!
I saw it the way I lived it...unhealthy, afraid and unhappy.  
That's not the way it had to stay, so I changed it!  

We must let go of the bad habits, emotions and guilt that brought us to our unhealthiest place.  We can't stay there forever, because we'll eventually drown in our own pity and self-doubt!  Rise above it and expect more from yourself!  Sure it takes giant hunks of courage that maybe you haven't seen in a while, maybe never but it's in there...inside YOU!  Dig deep! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

back to school with healthy kids!

With all of our kids heading back to school, some simple snack ideas may help them keep their bellies full while providing the nutrients they need to grow up strong and healthy! 

My Pinterest board titled "healthy and active kids" will guide you in the right direction!

While life keeps you very busy, try to remember that being active together matters!  If you are busy until bedtime, try waking up 30 minutes earlier and doing a workout at's easier said than done, but trying is better than giving up!  Always make the effort and if the workouts don't happen often, try to fit them in on the weekends and focus 100% on your nutrition throughout the week!  It does make a difference in the way you feel in all aspects of your life!

Keep in mind that exercise is good for the brain!  Their bodies stay behind a desk many hours throughout the day...they need movement!  Sometimes recess and PE just isn't enough, so make up for it with after school activities, sports, family bike rides or walks, etc!  You get the idea! 
Think about how you feel after a long day of work, sitting behind a computer or in are exhausted but starting the day with exercise and movement combined with healthy eating WILL make a difference in the way you feel and YOU deserve that!  Our children deserve the same.  They will feel better with proper nutrition and movement...they go hand in hand! Find that balance for your entire family and here's hoping this school year is the healthiest and happiest one yet!!!  

Monday, August 17, 2015


Remember what THEY see...

Are they seeing you fight hard to be the healthiest Mom you can be?
Are they seeing you make excuse after excuse for WHY you aren't as healthy as you used to be? 

We all have struggles and obstacles but there's NO EXCUSE for not taking care of ourselves. We take care of our families, but somewhere we fall short and stop taking care of us...

When your children ask you to chase them around at the park or ride bikes right beside them, your answer should be YES! 
When your child asks to grab a soda from the fridge because they just watched you do the same, guess you better say yes??  Hmmm, something to think about...

It sure wouldn't be right to preach it and teach it yet not follow those same rules ourselves, would it?
Feeling good and being healthy should be a family affair...all together and nobody left out!  Even those picky eaters, they need to find new foods, learn what it means to be healthy because when they DO finally understand it as they grow older, they'll be armed with the knowledge to hopefully make healthier decisions as their taste buds change with your help!  

Those couch-lovin', game-lovin' kids?  Yea don't leave them out either...
Find what THEY enjoy doing that's active!  It may be different than the rest of the family but I'm positive there's something that will get them excited about MOVEMENT and HEALTH!  
Don't be afraid to TRY!

They learn from us...what do you plan to teach them?
Certainly we want them to be strong, respectful, smart, independent, well-mannered 
and HEALTHY, don't we??  

Together, lets set the best example that we can!!
Our children should know what it's like to FEEL GOOD! 
As school is fast approaching, remind yourselves of this each and every day...
Talk to their PE teachers and get involved as much as possible!  Ask about recess at their school- you might find out that it's shorter than you thought...and PE classes can be crowded and it's tough to get in enough physical activity each day.  Get them in sports, riding their bike, walk your neighborhood together!  GET MOVING and BE THE EXAMPLE!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

staying true to YOU!

At the start of this journey, the reason THIS time was different for me was because I was FINALLY doing this for the right reasons...

With all the failed attempts of the past, my desire to be "skinny" was based on just be skinny.  To fit it and look like the other girls.  To go shopping for clothes at a regular store.  To wear a dress that was fitted or to strut my stuff in a bathing suit.
What's wrong with those goals?
They weren't for me. 
It was superficial.  It was based about what I thought healthy "looked like" when really I didn't care about being healthy, I cared about being skinny or not being fat.  

That was the WRONG attitude completely.  No wonder I'd last a few days or months and then self-sabotage myself to a deeper state than I was when the journey began...and history would repeat itself over and over again, until I took a good look at my life.  I wasn't staying true to me, I was conforming to others.  What THEY perceive as healthy.  

THIS time it was about me.  
It's about a feeling I get every day!

THIS time I have different goals, different intentions and now I know what it means to be HEALTHY and I want nothing else!  Healthy feels GOOD.  It feels fearless and strong!  

This beautiful photo was taken post-workout today by some new neighbors! Look at us...they are all so beautiful and the children?  They secretly LOVE these photo me!  Ha!
I posted this picture to my, The Move It Momma Facebook page with the caption:

"Love the way we feel when it's finished.  So accomplished, vibrant and full of life!  We must focus on what healthy FEELS like" Feeling good should be a priority!  If we don't FEEL good then we aren't living life the way we should be. 
 It's NEVER TOO LATE to find it or get that feeling back!  

BOOM!  That's it!  Sometimes I just type what I'm feeling but don't really let it sink in...but when I do, I realize I might be onto something!

When our body or mind isn't healthy, it reflects on everything that we do or don't do. 
 It affects the kind of parent, wife, friend or family member we are.  Feeling unhealthy can create bitterness toward the people we love most.  It can create distrust or frustrations with those that seem to have it "all figured out" because we find ourselves jealous that they get it but we don't.  We may attack those that want to help but are unsure how to do so without hurting us.  It interferes with goals we want to accomplish or good intentions that we have but never fulfill.  It creates a wall between the person we want to be and who we are...making it far more difficult to get there...yet, not impossible!  It is ALWAYS possible.  

Living your life full of excuses or "could have, would have, should have's" gets us nowhere fast.

Think about how you can reach your goals, while staying true to YOU and focusing on feeling good and healthy!  It will change your changes mine as each day passes and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!  

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Come Together!

It starts with a desire to change...
We set a goal to be better...
We want something different out of life...
We want to FEEL good...
Where do we begin?
One by one we make up our minds.  We've had enough and we're ready for something better...

We find a place where the number on the scale doesn't matter.  The size of our clothes doesn't matter. Our age, height or social status doesn't matter...
We find a place of comfort and encouragement...
And then...
We are getting it right...FINALLY!
You can too!
It's about feeling good.  It's about setting a goal and the feeling we get each time we reach one after's contagious and addictive!  Suddenly you find yourself craving healthy foods and exercise.  We seek new goals that place us outside of our comfort zone and we like it!  

Where'd that come from, right?!
Not long ago, you were sitting around feeling sorry for the way things were...but those feelings are gone from your mind and replaced by only, "Oh yea, watch me!" feelings!

THAT is the best way I can describe the way my life has changed.  It has changed drastically and nobody did it for me...I DID IT FOR ME!  I had no easy path, I took the road less traveled and while it was scary, it helped me grow and gave me the ability to relate to and help others!  
For THAT, the journey will always be worth it!

Each woman or child that I meet gives me an opportunity.  An opportunity to share my passion for what I do.  I am not looking to get rich or make a name for myself, but simply looking to inspire people...inspire them to see what I see.  Inspire them to feel good and help others feel good too.  Life is too incredibly short to let it pass us by.  
I want to inspire children to value their bodies, their health and the beauty of movement! We have strong bodies that are able to do incredible things, if we allow it! 
 Laziness is a state of mind that MUST be changed so that all can feel good, healthy and strong!  

I lived was a sad place.  I stayed there for WAY too long.  I was wasting my life, one day at a time over what I thought was "the way things were for an unhealthy girl". It was an excuse I made long ago and that excuse was validated in my mind for years...and years! 
It helped me sink deeper into that hole, it provided a nice place of discomfort and pity.  
You see lazy and unhealthy was comfort for felt safe.  

Been there?

Our youth...look at them??!  

The world is a BIG place.  
We do not want our children lost or hopeless.  Just because one child "looks" a certain way, doesn't make it okay for them to eat junk and play video games...
it's a matter of do they FEEL GOOD??!  

They are children, they don't know unless we SHOW THEM!
I thought I felt good...sometimes.  When really I had NO idea what feeling good meant until I reached my 20's...after I lost the weight, gained a new perspective on life and started opening my eyes to the world around me.  

Browsing the cereal aisle with my two boys yesterday and I found that health teacher quickly...
The boys asked, "Mom, why is Shaq on the front of a sugar-filled cereal box instead of the healthy ones you've showed us?"...
Good question and it was tough to answer!

Our children learn from exposure and from giving them truth...
The decorative, colorful cereals placed at THEIR level were mostly high sugar, low fiber/protein cereals...they advertised with cartoons, athletes and prizes!  
Why would a child NOT want these?  
We teach them to tell the truth, how to read/write so why not teach them how to fuel their bodies or how to exercise for good health?!  It's ALL important, isn't it? 
It was great because by the end of my "lesson" I had two other families listening in and reading labels :)  It was an awesome moment!!!  

Don't be fooled, I was a happy-full of life child but behind closed doors, I hurt.  More emotionally at first.  I could look around a room and SEE that I looked different.  I ate more than kids my age, heck-I ate more than most adults.  Most can toss this aside as, "Oh they'll grow out of it" "I can't deprive my other kids because he/she has a problem with overeating"...well, 
 If as a family you ALL focus on feeling good and being healthy, REGARDLESS OF THE WAY YOU LOOK but more the way YOU FEEL then that group effort becomes contagious and they will all benefit...even you!!!  

Each morning we come together, it's NEVER about comparing ourselves to others...
We don't want to be the same, we want to be different!
We focus on OUR journey, not the woman standing beside us.
We can only grow when we exceed our limits we've set for ourselves!  

We are in the drivers seat and it's up to us to decide where we want to go!!!  

I've never met a woman that I felt couldn't change or fight harder!
We are only as strong as we want to be!  
We are also setting the example for our sons and daughters...we want them to see us pushing regardless of our own obstacles that stand in our way each day!  

We can make excuses or we can make changes!  WE DECIDE!
I had to stop making excuses because they took me nowhere...
I'd rather make change- big or small because then I know I'm healthy, strong and constantly evolving into the woman I want to be...

YOU are strong and there's no obstacle too large so dream big and fight for it!

I had a women who had hand surgery a few weeks ago.  She was so sad that she'd be "out" from our classes for a while.  I said I was sorry to hear it but that there were always ways to modify and options for her if she'd like to continue class until it was healed...
Immediately she responded with, "Ok, I'll be there" and she's been there every day since...
It's ALL about the attitude you have about life and your health!  I was just offering a suggestion, a glimmer of hope and she took it and literally RAN WITH IT!

THAT is part of what makes my "job", the best job in the whole world!!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I try to often not take it personally when someone thinks they want change but when they find out how much work it takes to get healthy or healthier, they stop's tough!

THE hardest part of my job is knowing that I can't make every person I come into contact with, WANT IT! I can't do the work for them or show them success they think they desperately want and must come from within.  It comes from a place that often times, people forget that they have...way down deep!  

What do I hold onto that keeps me coming back for more and never giving up on these women??  Knowing that once they DO find it...their life will be forever changed!
And if I change one life at a time, then I'm doing what I set out to do and strive to do every day!
I see it LONG before they see it in themselves but getting them there to that ah ha moment?  There's nothing quite like it!  It's worth every time they give up or stop trying because I know even after quitting a million times, all it takes it ONE time to be successful!  

A lady spoke honestly with me yesterday about how she's put herself last lately.  Life is hectic, children and a husband, full time job and her health has slowly declined because of "life" getting in the way.  I wouldn't dare tell her to "find a way" because honestly, priorities come a dime a dozen and we all feel pulled in a zillion directions so for me to tell her to suck it up would be wrong...what I did do was tell her how she'd feel even if she'd dedicate 20 min to a walk around in a's movement!  It's freeing the mind, getting the blood pumping and one, small change can lead to giant successes later on so baby steps is always okay! I told her to carry around her tennis shoes at work and if she gets 10 min of free time, lace them up and walk around the building...hey, it's better than nothing!  It ALL counts!!!  
But aside from her hectic schedule, the part I found most heart breaking was that she said, "I feel like I'm in someone else's body and it's hard to be comfortable with all this..."
It silenced me.
It is never okay for us to physically paralyzed in our own skin.  It is not okay to feel so helpless that we forget what feeling good felt like.  It is not okay to want change almost enough to make it a priority but never get there...

This woman, among all of the others I work with, changed me. 

It's so much bigger than wanting change, it takes finding that balance within ourselves.  It takes getting fed up with feeling like a stranger in your body and mind.  There's no greater priority than feeling good and breathing in LIFE.  Nothing better than spending time with your family, smiling, laughing and doing things together.  Sitting back and watching is NOT experiencing all that life can offer...
I think to get that feeling, I'd do just about anything wouldn't you?
But I'd never tell anyone how to live their life but I can share what living BOTH ways felt like and why I would never go back because I've experienced what healthy FEELS like.  
Sadly I know what unhealthy felt like and it was a death sentence...a slow one.    

She made me see that THIS problem we face as women to find a way to be healthy and make it all work is HARD and I've known this but how do we change it???

 My little blog and my community workouts 
can't bring BIG change unless we each want it, crave it and work for it!  
I'm not YOU, I'm not her...we shouldn't want to be like anyone but ourselves but because of our different lives, we must learn to achieve balance on our own.  
It's SO hard for me to not just hand it out like free business cards and immediately it ALL CLICKS, but I'm only human...and if I could, I would...
But what I can do is be there when they are ready and to me that's better than nothing!

I spread my love for health and fitness to all who will listen and I pray that one day, ALL WILL LISTEN AND TRY...and SUCCEED!!!  
It's a big dream but why not dream BIG??! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I want it, but how?

I credit A LOT of my success from having lived the opposite lifestyle for so many years.
When I'm at a social event, dinner with friends, lunch with my family I think about this...
It's a reminder I must repeat to myself OFTEN.
The day I forget what it's like to FEEL HEALTHY, that's when I should be afraid...

On the bad days I'm reminded that when my mind wants to quit, my body will always step in and finish what I started because I am strong!  You must remember I felt like crap for YEARS.  My stomach was always "off", I was bloated, had little energy, was sluggish and had no motivation to truly change because the cycle repeated itself over and over again...
it's the only thing I knew. 
A HUGE lesson I've learned on this journey is that failing is okay...

For so long I'd fail and then QUIT but I had it all wrong...
I can fail but I must get back up and the more I fail, the more inspiration I give myself to TRY AGAIN!  With failure comes growth, strength and I use each obstacle that knocks me down as a lesson that I learn from and before I know it, I've succeeded. 

The secret?  
We owe it to ourselves to feel good, to be the best mothers to our children, best wives to our husbands...It will add new meaning to your life and you'll never want to turn back!

Another lesson I learned when it comes to healthy eating?
When I ate unhealthy on a regular basis, I felt awful afterward.  
It didn't matter if the food tasted delicious or not, I felt awful because I didn't know how to turn my brain off while I ate.  It was like each bite triggered my brain into wanting more and more...and more.  I'd stop eating, feel like a failure, bloated and miserable.  
Now that I eat healthy 90% of the time, I feel GOOD.  
But when I do get off the path and eat not so great, I FEEL IT for hours...

I've learned that my body responds positively to good foods and exercise and it rebelled against me when I didn't treat it right.  If your body only knows you mistreating it, then it probably doesn't know what it's like to feel good and perform at its best...give it that opportunity to do what it's designed to do!  It's as simple as breathing once you get in the hang of it and you'll wonder why you hadn't done that all along  

Do I still have days where I want to be lazy, eat junk food and not be productive?  Well YES, I'm human and sometimes we just run out of steam...
But I think about that top quote, suck it up and push forward!  

My journey all started with WANTING CHANGE...
the rest is history and is being written every day with each workout and each healthy meal choice...that's what it's all about!  

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