Monday, June 29, 2015

2 steps forward without the 2 steps back?

It's when you find yourself pushing forward, reaching goals, losing weight and feeling strong...
You feel unstoppable and then...
A road block.  Life happens. An obstacle appears right in front of you...

You make a choice.

Do you push forward or do you bounce right back to your old ways...
You fall back, stop setting goals, gain weight and feel depressed, weak and you've failed once again.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Of course there will be times on this journey where you'll take giant leaps forward and small steps are human and it's OKAY. 
But if you find yourself comfortable with 2 steps forward and 2 steps back, you will quickly realize that it's a losing battle.  Working so hard, only to be back where you started a week later?
What fun is that?

Say enough is enough...
Repeat it to yourself until you BELIEVE IT!

I can tell you from personal experience that it feels so much better to make those leaps forward on my own, to celebrate what I've accomplished, to embrace my strength and endurance with each goal I achieve and to have bumps that DO NOT knock me down but rather shake me just enough to push me further!  There's a difference and finding that change made a HUGE difference on my journey!

You'll gain confidence, strength and a whole new way of living!
That's the ultimate prize and YOU did the work...we do the work EVERY day!

Embrace it and work hard for what you want out of YOUR life!  
You are in control...take it and run with it-literally!!!  

Take 2 steps forward TODAY!!!  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

leaving "her" behind

ATHLETIC was never a word you'd use to describe me...
Funny?  Yes.
Always smiling?  Most of the time.
But I can honestly say I feel somewhat athletic these days...

If I knew then what I know now, things would be very different for me.
Feeling athletic and strong is a powerful feeling that nobody can take away from you.
I push hard, exceed my limits and set BIG goals...
and why shouldn't I?
It feels good, a good I never felt in years passed.
Oh how I wish I would've found that spark sooner...but at least I never lived my whole life filled with regret, I stepped into a world I was deathly afraid to see and find and since then, my life is forever changed! 

I made a decision...
And this one was different than the rest, this one had purpose and drive behind it!

My former decisions about weight loss and getting healthy were always made in the moment...
Those decisions NEVER included NOT STAYING WHERE I WAS...
I wanted the quick fix, the latest craze and the newest trend on TV.  It worked for those people in the ads, surely it would work for me...I mean, they wouldn't lie about that stuff!  Ha!

I was content with trying something new but 
ONLY if it meant staying comfortable right where I was...
It's not possible to change, to become better and to be stronger staying where you are in your life right now!  It just isn't...

You must step outside of comfort, you must become vulnerable and no longer fear defeat.  
By not "staying where I was" for so long, I found the athlete within...
and while yes, I'm not a true athlete, I'm athletic because I'm strong, I push my limits and I won't stop at a goal, I will keep going by setting one after the other...after another!!!  

I want you to ignite the fire within but it will take moving from that comfortable spot you have grown to's time to venture away from ordinary and become extraordinary!  And while I sound cheesy on my little soapbox, I am speaking on behalf of the girl who NEVER felt strong, NEVER felt powerful, NEVER felt like she would change, NEVER felt like she would succeed and was ALWAYS afraid to fail...
I looked at that girl staring back at me one day and decided I was ready to move on...
to leave her behind and find who I had wanted to be for SO LONG!  

How will you move toward the better YOU??  START TODAY!!!  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

makeover the MIND!

More than the physical, I think my mind has changed EVEN more throughout my journey...
It's like a transformation that takes place through the mind AND body.  Both must happen in order to find the results of not only weight loss, but changing your life!  Getting healthy isn't about fitting in a pair of jeans you haven't worn since college or about wearing that two piece bathing suit you've been holding on's about SO much more and while it's great to fit into those old clothes or wearing a size you never must be deeper in order to last!
For so long I set temporary goals...
I'd say, "I wanna lose 20lbs by July." "I want to finally wear those shorts that haven't fit in months" but it was superficial...
Surface results are temporary, but to stop the yo-yo effect of getting healthy-getting unhealthy-healthy-unhealthy, it takes a transformation of a whole different kind. 
 The mind MUST change.

Rather than setting a, "I want to weigh 125" type of goal or "I will fit into those jeans by ___", set a different type of goal and then another, and another...keep going and never stop!
I've found that it's the ONLY way I've changed my life completely. 
I no longer think about crappy food or what I can't do...

When I was "that" girl, I'd constantly crave bad foods which would turn around and make me crave more bad things, leave me feeling bloated and out of energy which would bring on thoughts of more bad foods, bad habits, etc...
and THAT was my life!

As time passed on my journey, I learned to crave better-for-me foods but still had habits of overeating and indulging at the drop of a hat, so while my workouts were great and on track, I'd sabotage again and again with FOOD...

Today, my mind is transformed and I'm confident in my decisions every day...
I set goals that are long term, ones that I'd surely fail at if I were my former self.  This mindset makes it more difficult to fall off track because I want to attain BIG goals that my body is now willing and able to do when I exercise and fuel properly.  Indulging leaves me feeling gross and I'm turned off by seeing others go wild at the dinner table...

Not because I judge those people but because I remember what it felt like THAT way and I don't want it ever again...especially when I know what it feels like to feel GOOD...the real good, not the temporary fix I craved for so long, but the way life should feel when we take care of our bodies and minds.  I'm worth that, we ALL ARE!  
On our vacation there were temptations all around and my former self would've jumped at the chance to grab a ice cream cone or a bag of popcorn at every pit stop but not doesn't even interest me, not because I don't want good tasting indulgences but because it puts me further from my goals and ALWAYS makes me feel bad's not worth feeling like that.  My body and mind have changed so those foods don't give me satisfaction as they used to...I have more substance in my life without filling my emotional voids with FOOD.  There's more to life than that and doing that, left me feeling empty and worthless...
why would I want that feeling back in my life??  Why would anyone?  

I have gained a new perspective about the world around me and where the health of our population is headed...and it's scary.  
watching small children ordering sodas like it's water, kids and adults choosing no vegetables yet replacing them with double orders of french fries and potatoes...
On vacation , I watched hundreds of overweight adults restricted (voluntarily) to a motorized scooter throughout the parks, riding around, finding it nearly impossible to do anything other than follow their families...a disability that is out of a person's control is one thing, but to purposely put yourself in that situation?  These people were not elderly, they were YOUNG, overweight and uncomfortable...clearly uncomfortable.  
FOOD matters that much?  That it will take over your life, impair your ability to live and make memories?  Wow.  Not judging because I WAS THERE and I was headed to an ever darker place before I decided once and for all, I didn't want to be a statistic.  I wanted to set a good example for those around me and I wanted to use my degree to HELP PEOPLE...not waste that knowledge, only to fall short on myself and everyone around me!  

But as I saw these things, I wondered how will we change it?  How will we reverse what we've done as a society?  It's scary.  One of the kiosks we stopped at for WATER had water, 6 different sodas and deep fried cheeseburger egg rolls??  What??  and...
the waters were more expensive than the sodas AND the egg rolls!!!!!
I'm confident that we must continue to educate and encourage those around us to find a better way.  To help them understand that it can be better, so much better...
But we need to rally together and find that magic ingredient that WORKS...the key to helping all of us find the healthy person that we've wanted to be for so long...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

its your mountain.

As I watched Extreme Weight Loss tonight, I found myself inspired on a whole new level...if that's even possible?  Yes. 

Those twins were AMAZING...their story, their struggles, their transformations...their "mountains".  
They met The LA Lakers and were so excited and when Kobe Bryant walked up to them, his words spoke to me as well...
He said, "everyone has a Mt. want it bad enough, you climb it."

Understand this, Your mountain might not be like the woman who works out next to you at boot camp, the gym or running on the pavement but she's pushing hard, she's hurting, she wants to quit, she's sweating, she's sore and aching all over, she wants to give up yet she's tired of quitting, she has good days and bad...

I like having my own mountain to climb, it makes me strong and unique in my own way.

We are all worthy of climbing OUR Mt. Everest.  

I wish I had a platform like Chris and Heidi Powell...but I don't.  I have a park, a set of weights, a yoga mat and a cute bag that my friend designed for me...and that IS enough!  Because if my passion can change ONE life, then I've done what I've set out to do...BUT together?...oh together we can change the world!

The toughest part?  Getting these women to see what I see in them...
They see insecurities and flaws, I see beauty and strength.  Be jealous of my job, I get to witness GREATNESS.  I witness the beauty of women coming together to accomplish a goal.  I am able to see women push hard, breathe heavy and embrace one another so it gives them strength to finish one more set or one, final lap...
We climb a little bit every day...and while that mountain gets tougher when we aren't together the other 23 hours a day, we've created a support that can last far beyond that hour of boot camp...there's nothing greater than that! 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

I'm learning...

Being the girl full of energy, laughter and motivation sometimes comes with the bad...

I love being that comfort for people.  I love creating a safe environment when it comes to losing weight, getting healthy and also with friendships.  I've always been a person that will listen and help you find the right way to go about things...or I at least try but being so outgoing and full of life comes with the bad as well.  I'll take it though because it means I make the jealous feel vulnerable because I won't stand for being USED...and you shouldn't either.  It's toxic.  It can be just as harmful to your health when your quality of life and the people around you are NOT there for the right it can be to overeat, never exercise or practice other unhealthy behaviors.  The BALANCE I speak of often comes from all aspects of our lives!  We must clear our slate from all bad things and relationships in order to be successful once and for all...

Sadly I've learned over time that people want you there when they NEED you...
They like you there when it's convenient for them and then when they get what they need, they move on...the sad truth.  Fake people will show you who they are almost immediately and it's our choice whether to believe them.  I have learned over time that very few are there because they truly care for us, but more they USE us to get what they want/need.  Once they get what they need from us, it's time to move on and do the same with others.  

As with losing weight and getting healthy, we have a choice. 
We can learn from past mistakes with friendships and get stronger, move past and gain a new understanding of what friendship is all about or we can choose to continue to be mistreated and "used" when the time is right for THAT person or THOSE people.  

I choose to live happy and carefree.  I can't get wrapped up in the drama of it all so I am making the choice to choose carefully.  

Fortunately I have friends that are like sisters to me, there for me through all of life's obstacles but I also have the ones that have used me through the years...and I have to be willing to stand up for what's right and what I deserve.  I feel sorry for those that surround themselves with THESE types of people.  There is NO truth to any of it and unforunately they'll find out the hard way down the line.  I guess these fake people have a sneaky way of manipulating people to get what they want but I'm a firm believer in all things come back around...

Choose to live happy, live healthy and help others by lifting them up rather than dragging them down with you.  Unhappiness is a dark place.  I lived there, I know many that live there now.  It will never end well and will always hurt the people you care most about.  Don't fall victim to the pressures of society.  Do what's right and make good choices when it comes to the people you surround yourself with.  It makes a difference in the success of your weight loss journey or journey to healthy living more than you know.  Part of the journey is weeding through false relationships and finding the people that want you to succeed as well as getting rid of those that would rather see you fail...sadly, both are surrounding you right now and you may or may not know it.  Find it and stay true to the ones that TRULY LOVE AND CARE FOR YOU!  It'll make a huge difference when it comes to your goals and successes in the future, trust me!  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the CAN effect...

When you fill your mind with "CAN'T" then it knows nothing else but failure.

Such a simple quote there, but means so much to me.  
It REALLY is that simple.
It's making a choice.
Not thinking about a choice or wishing to make a choice but...

You must want to be better FAR MORE than wanting to remain the way you are.  

There's nothing worse than meeting someone and their first words are, "Oh I can't do this/that because of ______"
Well of course you CAN'T because you've set your mind up to fail before giving it a chance to succeed.  
If we couldn't do things due to limitations then why are there people out there proving us wrong every day?  Because although they were given an obstacle, they decided to TRY rather than making an excuse.  Sure maybe it'll be hard and almost impossible but they are TRYING.

When I'm asked the popular question of HOW?  I give the answer of, "because I never gave up", "I stopped saying I can't and started saying I'll try"

A favorite quote I read the other day, 

"Never be afraid to fall apart. It presents an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you'd been all along"

I'm successful because of ME.  I did the work, I do the work every day to better myself.  
I'm worth that and so much more...and YOU ARE TOO!

Clear the mind of  CAN'T, it sounds so simple yet it's one of THE hardest things I've ever done.  I was a quitter, an "I can't do this because ____" that WAS me for years.  Until I started believing in myself and giving myself a chance to succeed.  
It's never too late! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Inspire CHANGE...

But first you must demand change from yourself.  

We can't expect to live our current lifestyle, WANT change and it magically doesn't work that way.

I had to get to a place where I craved feeling good more than I craved the impulse of eating.  Your battle may be far different but no matter the change you seek, it all starts with demanding that change from deep within.  

There was no point in my life where I was "happy being unhealthy", lets get that straight.  I had life's ups and downs but my "downs" were WAY lower.  
I'd get to a dark place and when I was nice and comfortable there, I'd self-sabotage through eating.  It was a way of me telling my unhealthy, overweight-self..."Ha, told ya so!"
So when asked the #1 question I always get: "What finally clicked? What was your moment?"  
It was many moments tied together that eventually left me so fed up with who I had become.  I was sick of being HER and I wanted a new way of I created it. I stopped wanting others to do it for me and did it for myself.  It feels far better that way, the healthy way.  I'm able to see my own strength because I had no help, no "lose 20lbs in a month-guaranteed", and there was no putting in 20% effort- I had to go ALL IN.  

Does that take courage and strength?  
Well yes, but why not fight for what you want? It's better than wishing for it while sitting surrounded in self-pity, isn't it?   

So rather than just be proud of what I've done for myself, I figured why not help others do the same.  What good is changing my life if I can't help change others in the process...
Helping others has given me the ability to see that I am not alone, I was never alone...yet felt that way for years.  But as I help and encourage, others must see that it will be hard work.  

The first few weeks of change are easy...
Making it stick is a different story.  

After you get it wrong time and time again, when you FINALLY get it right...the magic happens and your life will never be the same.  It's getting back up even when all hope seems lost.  Be honest with yourself and with others.  Don't sugar coat it (literally!), tell it like it is.  
For me, I have days when I want to lay in bed angry at the world because I have to work SO hard at my health every day.  Then I have other days where I wake up, stand tall and think-look how strong and healthy I have become...lets do this!  
It's about keeping your head high and pushing forward on the not-so-easy days that make that change stick.  The MOMENT things get tough and you give up...then it means you aren't ready for might WANT it but you aren't ready to work for it...but it's never too late-you'll get there!  One day at a time...

Some inspiration from my Move It Mommas:

They've all had good days and bad...
Each of them are busy with families, children, husband's crazy work schedules, their work schedules, school, sports...LIFE.  
But results come from HARD WORK, EVERY DAY.
The attitude of no excuses must come to play every, single day of your life and when you can't find it-reach out to those that have it and they'll inspire you to find it once again!  NEVER QUIT. 

The mom is like the glue of the household.  If she's leading a healthy lifestyle, every one else will stick right there with her.  If she's practicing poor behaviors, chances are-the family is watching and looking to simulate those behaviors as well.   If she's happy and healthy, the odds are her family is as well!  

One change that sticks out to me with each of these transformations (and some of my Momma's have needed to simply tone/firm up and get healthy but I STILL see their...

It's a different smile.  It's a happy, confident, full of life smile.  I can't quite describe it completely but it's beautiful when you witness it.  They walk with confidence, they are fierce in their workouts, they carry themselves differently.  They wear more fitted clothing, they strut when they walk as they should!  They are BEAUTIFUL, STRONG and INSPIRING WOMEN. 
And by them gaining a new outlook on life, it inspires others...helps others realize that they too can seek change and find that happy and healthy balance!!!  
When we finish a tough workout, they are glowing.  That glow is carried on to other aspects of their lives and that is how we change the world!  
That SMILE can change other women...and it is, one woman at a time.  

It's what keeps ME going when I want to quit....they keep me going. I truly believe they are the reason I have stayed true to my goals and pushed myself so hard these past, few years!  

INSPIRE CHANGE WITH THOSE AROUND YOU!!!!  INSPIRE YOURSELF!  Go out and find that SMILE you've been longing to create!  It's there-within each of us!  

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